Our women's group looted, village school ransacked and man kidnapped


Report by Safeworld's correspondent on the ground in DR Congo, Mugisho Theophile.

"Recently, I heard that our women's group had been looted, my old school in Mulende Village had been ransacked and that a man had been kidnapped.

The bandits carried guns and hid their faces. One thing for sure was their brutality..."

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DR Congo boys discuss unprotected sex


DR Congo: Young Nyangezi Boys Talk Openly about Unprotected Sex

"Some of us here just use date drugs to get a girl. Then when the girl is drugged, they all just have sex without using a condom," - boy in DR Congo.

In the majority of the DRC cultures, dominant masculinities dictate the attitudes of the young boys in particular – and the men in general.

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Uniting Women and Girls in DR Congo


COFAPRI co-founder, Bahati, travelled to Nyangezi to meet women and girls members.

Bahati was told that two of COFAPRI’s older members were admitted in Nyangezi hospital, suffering from malaria.

She visited these two members in the hospital and paid for half of their medical expenses as she could not afford to pay the full amount.

If the women were not helped with the payments for medical assistance, they would not be allowed to leave the hospital even if they had recovered; this is the norm in most DRC hospitals.

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