Building More Hope with 'Speaking Plates' Among DR Congo Village People

Speaking Plates

"We have been getting civilisation here with you as you bring us these small and circular plates where speaking images are hidden. This is like magic, you look at it, you see nothing, but it has a lot of stories and people in it. This is giving us more hope and desire. We love what those people say, because it builds our confidence and courage for a better future, and we are learning new and good things here. You can now see that many come because we like this.”
Ishamba villager.

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Rural DRC: Learning Hygiene with DVDs - and practice

Glittering plates

"These glittering plates are like mirrors in circles, very small but what they include are incredible images... It speaks and it has men, women and children in it, there is also music and you think you are near them. What they do is helping us to understand that we can change. We just watch and later, we practice."  Pupil from Bushuke Primary School.

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Women's Day 2018: COFAPRI Women Press for Progress in DR Congo


"All the people gathered here, you the youths, you should learn from this. This is a good example we are proud of on this land. They are helping women and children in different ways. All of us are happy and all of us should be supportive. Who is that man who can be sad to see his wife paying fees for the education of the children in their home? So, we are learning from them, and we must be happy a son and a wife of this land is becoming our pride. Long life COFAPRI and all your supporters. Long life this International Day for Women in Nyangezi!” - Local leader.

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Washing Hands to Improve Health in Rural DR Congo


COFAPRI organised handwashing sessions for school children and mothers in rural villages, with the aid of educational DVDs kindly supplied by Thare Machi Education. The word has begun to spread as neighbours are now prompting each other to wash their hands.

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