Rights and Development in DRC Villages #IWD2020


COFAPRI has been empowering women and children survivors of war rape and domestic violence in the villages of DRC since 2009. The women have been involved in income generating activities.
In addition, the women benefit of learning basics in reading and writing. The women and the children in school, as well as the local population, are taught basic hygiene and ways to change negative behaviours into constructive ones via screening the interactive educative DVDs supplied by Education Saves Lives (formerly Thare Machi Education).

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The COFAPRI Message Spreads - Women Find Business Success in Rural DR Congo

Mapenzi M Mihigo

"I had information from a friend about COFAPRI and from that day, I hunted them to take me in their sewing centre. I learned sewing for six months and now I can sew well. I earn money, I touch money... See me, sister! I could not even get a coin before but today I feel peace in my pocket, in my mind, with my eight children, in my family and my husband does not suffer alone anymore. We have to help COFAPRI push far with what they are doing to help the women in our villages here. If we want, we can change our lives, we have to be willing to learn new things, talk to people and share the good news with others...On behalf of our centre, we thank COFAPRI very much for this initiative here.... you also involve the leaders here. Some of them are now our customers." - Mapenzi M’Mihigo

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COFAPRI at Ten Years: A Giant Step for Rural DRC Communities

COFAPRI at ten years

COFAPRI was created in 2009. Most of its activities started in 2012 in the villages of eastern DR Congo. Today, the organisation covers 40 villages... COFAPRI has also been empowering women via learning the basics in reading and writing. The activities started with 12 women in Katana/Kabamba in 2014, and today we have trained almost 250 women. These skills are helping the women with running small business and educating their children.

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