Bukanda Isaac:

COFAPRI is truly giving power to our wives, daughters, and our sisters and girls in our villages here.

This helps them primarily, but it also helps us all with our families.

The women are getting hope as they can now take care of themselves, thanks to the animals COFAPRI gave them and they are doing sewing, which will help them, too.

We ask the international Community and other organisations to give a hand to COFAPRI in order to support and expand its support to DR Congo women in the villages.”


Ilunga Buhendwa:

The women are being empowered in long term today in our area thanks to different activities. COFAPRI wants them all to be well in their families and the community; it is teaching them life skills via sewing, knitting, and animals rearing. Our children also could not go to school in past years but today, they can.”  


Byabene Adrien:

Ahhh, I can see women becoming well-empowered here because COFAPRI is doing a lot for them and we men, do appreciate this. This is good for all of us in these villages where insecurity abounds.

Our wives and daughters are now doing what they were unable to do in the past; they sew, knit, and rear animals and the children go to school. What is more than all this?

We thank our friends from abroad who are helping COFAPRI to empower us more. We send them our message to tell the United Nations about our wives and children who suffer a lot because of wars.

If the wars can totally end, COFAPRI can do more than it is doing today.”


Mirindi Pascal:

Our wives, daughters and sisters were raped and others suffer the brutalities of their husbands – and this hurts them a lot in their bodies and in their morality.

Domestic abuse is reducing thanks to the education we are getting from COFAPRI. Our wives and daughters and sisters who are victims of rape and domestic abuse can now make their lives forwards, they remake their lives through different activities and support initiated by COFAPRI.”


 Bashombe Nderhe

In these villages around here, there is a lot of insecurity and we suffer a lot because of it but our wives and children are thriving for life with the help of COFAPRI. They are now forgetting about the past hurt they got and the poverty they were living in the past.

This damaged them morally. but today we are happy COFAPRI is doing something for them; this is changing little by little and the whole community is pleased with this. Today, we can see change in our families’ lives thanks to COFAPRI.

If people of good heart developed nations and our government can help COFAPRI to help more women and children, this can be good for all of us and the country, as well.”

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