Boniface Bishikwabo - COFAPRI Finance Director - and childhood friend and colleague of founder, Mugisho Theophile

I am a teacher like Mugisho.

Mugisho and Bahati are very good and admirable people. They are cherished by everyone who knows them.

They are dedicated to the women and girls who suffer; they even meet them in mountains to exchange with them. God will reward them for the courage and devotion they have for the women and the girls of our country. They are wonderful, indeed.

Mugisho is like his late father, who was also fighting for people's rights. He was a righteous man.

Mugisho's mother still lives in the village. Village women do not easily move to cities. She is a generous woman.

She is a mother to every child in the village and she never discriminates any child. If you come to her home, she is very old, but you can think all the children around her are hers. They are a wonderful family of people.

I used to go to her village for a visit, when I was there. She is very, very proud of her son and the son, the same. He is the image of his late father.

They are an incredible family.

Mugisho and Bahati are hugely committed to women's rights and development. If they had lots of money, they could bring deep and great change among DR Congo women and girls. They make personal sacrifices to help the village women.

We always encourage them and pray for their work. If the world knows about them, this can be helpful to them and so they can do more for the women and their children.

Once, people suggested Mugisho to become a politician, a people's representative in the government, but he refused. He told them he cannot spend days and nights lying to people and promising them what he will not do - better to help them, though not a politician.

People like him because when he says something he does it; the reason why he hates politics.

He himself cannot tell you all this because maybe he does not know what he is exactly, but we know.

He told me he joined Safe World long ago. You can see how he has been with you from the beginning: he has never quitted or failed to remain there. This is what explains how committed and courageous he is - he never gives up before he has reached his goal.

How many have come to Safe World and abandoned - and he remained?

Mugisho called me on the phone and he told me about a sewing centre and helping the children born from raped mothers. This is wonderful and there are so many children in the villages where COFAPRI is based, so many children, boys and girls.

Continue like that, together in partnership, and later, there will be strong support. You'll be trying to attract the attention of great leaders, like in the UN, etc.

I am not the only one who praises Mugisho for his good heart to help his neighbours - that good behaviour has earned him a name. When people learn he is coming to the village, many, many come to wait for him and he leaves the car and walks with them.

Lots of good stories about him.

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