Confronting Poverty Through Education

DR Congo school

"COFAPRI is doing a great job. They are opening the eyes of our children.. Sending our daughters to school brings moral peace and security in our hearts. We can now ensure the future of our children will be ok with the education they are getting.” - COFAPRI member.

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Boniface Bishikwabo


I am a teacher like Mugisho.

Mugisho and Bahati are very good and admirable people. They are cherished by everyone who knows them.

They are dedicated to the women and girls who suffer; they even meet them in mountains to exchange with them. God will reward them for the courage and devotion they have for the women and the girls of our country. They are wonderful, indeed.

Mugisho is like his late father, who was also fighting for people's rights. He was a righteous man.

Mugisho's mother still lives in the village. Village women do not easily move to cities. She is a generous woman.

She is a mother to every child in the village and she never discriminates any child. If you come to her home, she is very old, but you can think all the children around her are hers. They are a wonderful family of people.

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Children's Testimonies


Murhima Françoise, age 11:

On this great day of women [International Women's Day 2014], I can ask the international community to help COFAPRI to help more children like me in the villages.

I think they will hear our voices here and do something for us.

COFAPRI is helping my family a lot because my mother and my father are members of it and before we had no assistance.

This is empowerment and we thank all the friends who are helping COFAPRI to help us.”

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DRC Men Speak Out


Bukanda Isaac:

COFAPRI is truly giving power to our wives, daughters, and our sisters and girls in our villages here.

This helps them primarily, but it also helps us all with our families.

The women are getting hope as they can now take care of themselves, thanks to the animals COFAPRI gave them and they are doing sewing, which will help them, too.

We ask the international Community and other organisations to give a hand to COFAPRI in order to support and expand its support to DR Congo women in the villages.”

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