Poverty and Domestic Violence in DR Congo


By Mugisho Theophile, Executive Director of Safe World Field Partner, COFAPRI:

"In an exchange with COFAPRI women, we learned a lot reasons why abused women often experience poverty: because of men’s violence in the home.

Abused women bear their moral, spiritual and material wounds, so they are helpless to overcome husbands’ abuse. This is often caused by the patriarchal motivation of men who yearn domination over women in society and in their home."


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Traditional Leaders in DR Congo


In DR Congo, traditional leaders are exclusively men.

Traditional leaders existed in the Congo since long ago, with colonialism, after the independence, and even today, they still exist.

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Women of DR Congo Speak Out


"In Congolese society, there exists an old set of rules called the Family Code that subordinates women by requiring them to obey and submit totally to the husband...."

COFAPRI co-founder, Bahati Valérie, discusses the issue of status with women and youth of DR Congo.

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The Spread of Violence in South Kivu, DR Congo


Eastern DR Congo - the consequences of war

By Safe World's DR Congo correspondent, Mugisho Theophile:

South Kivu, in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, has experienced a lot of troubles due to the consecutive wars that have torn apart the DRC.

The consequences of these wars were blind; they affected almost every person and thing in the province in one way or another.

In particular, most of the victims were women and girls who were raped, mutilated, tortured, and even killed.

But we need to understand the reasons for such a social plague of violence in the context of South Kivu.

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