Murhima Françoise, age 11:

On this great day of women [International Women's Day 2014], I can ask the international community to help COFAPRI to help more children like me in the villages.

I think they will hear our voices here and do something for us.

COFAPRI is helping my family a lot because my mother and my father are members of it and before we had no assistance.

This is empowerment and we thank all the friends who are helping COFAPRI to help us.”

Byamungu Michel, age 10:

Today, I am going to school thanks to my mother who goes to COFAPRI and my family conditions are changing because of this.

Before I had no materials to use and no fees to pay at school; I was staying home and this was bad for me.

Today, I feel very happy as I am preparing my future. “

Mapendo Irene, age 9:

Before, I was going to school – but sometimes with no books; but this year I got them.

I will gain more by going to school.

My father is a member of COFAPRI and thanks to him, COFAPRI is helping me and my sister; we like this.”


COFAPRI is registered in Bukavu in the eastern Democratic Rupublic of Congo.

The organisation operates in rural regions of South Kivu and empowers women through encouraging income-generating activities such as sewing and knitting projects, and the rearing of livestock.

COFAPRI also sponsors the education of children and provides them with school equipment.

The support and involvement of the global community is vitally important to the COFAPRI members.

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