Bahati with COFAPRI members


COFAPRI currently works in three regions in South Kivu: Nyangezi, Kabamba and Katana.

COFAPRI Management Team

Founder and Executive Director: Mr Mugisho Ndabuli Theophile:
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Founder and Executive Secretary: Ms Bahati Valerie:
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Finance Director
: Mr Boniface Kadakala
Legal Advisor: Mr Amani Pascal

Activities co-ordinator: Ms Boni Nyamugege
Advisors: Ms Cimpaye Bitulo, Ms Mireille Mirali and Ms Bana Nzigire

Regional Management Teams

COFAPRI Nyangezi
In Nyangezi members come from 36 villages, and the meeting place is Munya.

Co-ordinator: Mr Mushaga Ezechiel
Education and Training: Mr Justine Kashangi
Secretary: Mr Nehemie Mushi
Assistant Secretary: Ms Marie Bitijula
Advisor: Ms Alice Bazuzi
Sewing Teacher: Ms Furaha Nabanyere



Members come from 12 villages, and the meeting village is Mabingu Nord.

Co-ordinator: Ms Mireille Mirali
Education and Training: Ms Beate Bwalike
Secretary: Mr Francois Baluke
Treasurer: Ms Alphonsine Muhirhi
Advisors: Aline Hali and Marie Mawazo



In Katana members come from 16 villages, and the meeting place is Ntagalulwa.
Co-ordinator: Ms Cimpaye Bitulo
Deputy Co-ordinator: Ms Banamwana Nzigire
Education and Training: Mr Pascal Munandi
Secretary: Ms Rolande Basima
Treasurer: Ms Bongwa Pascasie
Advisor: Ms Albertine M' Mbasha
Public relations: Ms Berthe Ludunge


Coordinators operate under the guidance of COFAPRI mother-father founders, Bahati Valerie and Mugisho Theophile.


COFAPRI was initiated in November 2009 and four years later, on the 29th November 2013, COFAPRI was formally registered with the Bukavu local Ministry of Justice as a local organisation operating throughout South Kivu.

Registration number: JUST. 112/S-KV/ 3922/2013.

On the signed letter of 28th February 2014, COFAPRI was registered with the South Kivu Governor's office.

Registration number: No 01/115/CAB/GOUPRO-SK/2014.

Since April 2016, COFAPRI is also member of South Kivu Civil Society, under registration number BCSC 27/2016

Next steps

Further plans involve registering COFAPRI at the national level, so that the work can gradually be expanded throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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