Colaborating with Cofapri

"Collaboration and unity among grassroots women's organisations remains an undeniable strong tool for durable change."

Mugisho Theophile - Co-founder and Executive Director

Since the initiative was first launched in November 2009, COFAPRI has been a Field Partner of Safe World for Women.

COFAPRI co-founders, Valerie Bahati and Mugisho Theophile made contact with Safe World for Women in an online community and were inspired to initiate COFAPRI.

The relationship between COFAPRI and Safe World for Women has continuously developed and the two organisations work closely together with a high level of mutual trust.

In 2014, COFAPRI made ties with It’s A Girl Thing FemPads project. The Organisation has been helping DR Congo women with reusable FEMpads, pants, bras and bars of soap in order to improve their hygienic conditions.
In October 2016, with sustainable support from this organization, the women in rural villages DR Congo will start making their own reusable FEMpads.

COFAPRI also collaborates closely with Thare Machi Education. They help COFAPRI teach the people using educational DVDs.
Not only COFAPRI opens doors to other organisations, but it also works with generous individuals who are willing to support its activities on the field.

COFAPRI always welcomes suggestions of collaboration with other organisations too - and believe that working together is the best way forwards for us all!

The support and involvement of the global community is vitally important to the COFAPRI members.

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